Pizza33 offers a naive way to deal with feasting, consolidating a casual adaptable air at daytime and a formal stately environment at night. We cheerfully oblige gatherings of up to 12 and acknowledge bookings for gatherings and occasions whether little or enormous, business or fun and formal or easygoing, our administrations are an immaculate approach to appreciate substantial scale quantum of your most loved redid hand-made dishes. Our main goal is the achievement and commitment of better and particular administrations and experience than the client in a wallet-accommodating reach.

Reservations can be made on our email and the gave telephone numbers. It would be ideal if you reserve a spot 24 hours before the required time space and guarantee convenient landing in the venue.

Our agents will reach you in the blink of an eye to affirm your time opening after the reservation. Your reservations will be moderated for 30 minutes from your booking time after that the space will be discharged.


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